Technical questions

With Android 6 (Marshmallow), Google has introduced Doze mode to the base Android, in an attempt to unify battery saving across the various Android phones.

Unfortunately, vendors (e.g. Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus or even Samsung..) did not seem to catch that ball and they all have their own battery savers, usually very poorly written, saving battery only superficially with side effects.

Naturally users blame developers for their apps failing to deliver. But the truth is developers do the maximum they can. Always investigating new device specific hacks to keep their (your!) apps working. But in many cases they simply fall short as vendors have full control over processes on your phone.

Have a look at the great information some awesome people put together:

You will find solutions and tipps there!

This is a Google Play error. Search the internet for “google play error 963” or “google play error 907” for solutions.
It might be enough to restart your phone. If you’re in a WiFi environment, a router restart might help.

Another thing that usually helps is if you delete the cache of the Google Play app in your device settings.

This seems to happen rather randomly. In most cases, a device restart will fix the problem. It seems that some devices have problems keeping the internet connection open for newly installed applications. A router restart might also be helpful.

Use the back key or back gesture. Once you are back to the start screen, the next back command will show you a window, asking if you really want to close the game.

Yes, you can – if you registered your account with one of the services implemented in the game (Email and Google Play/Game Center). If you played anonymously, contact support and mention your EXACT player name in the email. We will try to locate your account manually. It helps a lot if you had a unique name.

Make sure to restart the game on both devices before trying to create/join a game. Also, make sure your WiFi network isn’t using some extreme firewall settings.

The game can be played cross-platform in most game modes. The exception is BLUETOOTH, which only works on Android devices. This is due to the fact that Apple only allows Bluetooth LE (low energy). We tried to make it work, but the lag was enormous, making the game basically unplayable.

Here’s a trick that helps in 99% of the cases:

– Disable Bluetooth on both devices
– Close the game completely
– Restart the game
– Create a game via Bluetooth
– A popup appears asking to activate Bluetooth and another one asking to couple the devices. Do that.
– Play!

Yes, in most cases we can. Please contact support and describe the problem as detailed as possible. We will be back to you as fast as we can.
Best use the contact button in the game, located in the options, page 2. If that’s not possible either use support[at] or the contact form at the bottom of the Fleet Battle page.

Game related questions

Tap on the menu button (leftmost button, main screen).

There you will see the instructions button. Look for the help you need and in case you don’t find an answer, contact us. We’re happy to help.

There’s a contact button in the account settings (options, page 2). This is the best way to contact us, since we will see your account ID and some other information that will help us solve your issue.

In case you can’t use the contact button, use this email: support[at]

Blueprints are collected to unlock new ships.

Unlocked ships don’t change gameplay, they only change the appearance of your ships. There is no “pay to win” systems of any kind in our game. Buying universal blueprints is purely optional.

Unlocked ships earn experience points when you use them to play matches. For each level gained, you get one new color scheme or look (e.g. camouflage). 

Change a ships color by tapping on the “change” button, the one with brush icon.

Also: make sure you don’t have 2D game mode enabled in the options. Having 2D game mode enabled makes it impossible to color your ships.

Yes, you can. Enter the options and look for “force blueprint look”.

Yes. In the upper part of the chat window, you will see a “report insults” and a “disable chat” button. If you don’t like chat at all, visit the options. There you may disable chat, allow pre-defined phrases only and lock the chat with a password, in case you have minors playing the game.

Yes, in the options. Music and Sound can be turned off separately, too.
You may also download a lot more sound packs there. Note that each language has it’s own robot voice option, too.

Since we can’t see why a player leaves a match, we added the honor and fairness system to our game. People who leave a match regularly, for whatever reason, will sooner or later become unfair and dishonorable players.

Please note: if you leave during fleet setup phase, the game will also count as unfinished. Once you’re matched with a player, you have to play the match or the game counts as unfinished and your honor status will suffer.

In case you received the dishonorable status due to game problems, make sure to contact us. We will help.

Allowing more game modes would split the player base. Since we don’t use bots, splitting the player base means longer wait times for everyone. This is something we don’t want. 

If you want to play with optional rules, go to „Play with Friends“. People there are welcoming and you’ll surely find someone who will play against you with the rules you desire.

Account Deletion

  1. If you still have the game installed, go to game options, page 2. You will see an „Delete Account“ button at the bottom of the page. Afterwards uninstall the game.
  2. You can also contact us by email: support[at] Please include your ingame username and/or the email address that is attached to your account in that email.
  3. Use the contact form below to contact us. Make sure to include your ingame username and/or email address that is attached to your account.

You have questions or suggestions? Write us!