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Facebook login issue

Dear Players,

some of you have problems logging in since Sunday. This is due to the fact that Facebook deactivated their API for our game, so the login with Facebook doesn't work anymore.

You have two options:

  1. Wait for the next update (will come this week).
    If you haven't uninstalled the game, then the update will fix the issue and you will see your profile and all the statistics etc. again after the update. Once you're back in, I suggest you safeguard your account with Google Play/GameCenter or your email.
  2. Write us at and tell us your exact player name and the flag you are using.
    I will then add your email to your account and explain how to login again.


A few words about this issue:

Facebook wants us to fill out a "data protection assessment". According to our Facebook developer page we have time until October 9th to complete the assessment. This Sunday, we received the message that the Facebook API for our game was deactivated. What?

Thus far, I get only copy/paste replies from their support.

The crazy thing about all this is, that we did that assessment this April and received an OK from Facebook. I'm guessing that their bot controlled automated system is worth crap.

We will most likely remove Facebook completly from our game soon. I don't want to support a company that doesn't care about the developers. And no worries, "Play with friends" etc. will work as usual, only difference is that your friends list won't be auto populated with friends who also install our game and are also connected to Facebook. If you know your friends player name, just add it and you're good to go.

All the best,


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