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Introducing rated leaderboard games (Quick Match)

Hi there players of Fleet Battle!

We will soon (hopefully mid April) introduce a change to how the Quick Match leaderboards work. Right now it works basically like "play more = higher ranking". We also had a few problems with people that tried to cheat the system, thanks to the possibility of abusing rematch and chat.

These are the changes we will implement:

  • players can select if the next game will be a ranked game in the matchmaking options (default is ranked "ON")
  • a total of 200 ranked games per week are possible; if you play less, the score will of course still be added to the leaderboards
  • rematch is not possible in a ranked game
  • chat is set to "pre defined chat"; no open chat
  • the games that are not ranked will only add their score to the "all time Quick Match" leaderboard
  • perhaps we will also implement that you will never play the same person in a ranked match (per week of course); that's not 100% though, since wait times could increase a lot

So, everyone will have the same maximum number of games. If you play said 200 games, it will depend much more on your win rate than before.

Let us know what you think! Feedback, as always, is welcome!

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