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Patch 2.1

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The new update will bring big changes to Fleet Battle. Here's what we plan to do:


  • player statistics will be resetted
  • honor statistics will be resetted
  • leaderboards will be resetted

You will keep

  • your current total score
  • your rank
  • everything you earned, like blueprints, frames and wings

Major Changes

  1. New score system
  2. New player progress
  3. New leaderboards and hall of fame
  4. New honor system

1. Score system

The score system will be improved.

Regardless of the ship hit, the score per hit will be the same. This was different in the old rules, were hitting a smaller ship yielded more points per hit than hitting a  big one.

Fleet formation Score per hit
Standard 50
Classic 70
Russian 55

Depending on the length of a match, both players will get a turn bonus. Showing the tables here would be too much. In comparison to the earlier system, the new one does a much better job in taking different game modes, shot rules and difficulties into account.

The score of the loser of a match will also be calculated in a new way. A close match will now yield many more points than before. See the table below as an example when using the standard fleet + streak shot rule.

Winner hitpoints left Score modifier Type of defeat
1 -10% Noble Defeat
2-5 -20% Honorable Defeat
6-10 -30% Marginal Defeat
11-15 -40% Defeat
16-20 -60% Decisive Defeat
21-23 -80% Total Defeat
24 -100% Annihilation

2. Player progress

Players will earn ranks as before (we modified the score needed due to the new score system). The rewards you formerly earned by participating in the leaderboards, frames and wings around your portrait, as well as modified name plates for the all-time champions, will now be earned by progressing in the game.

You rank up like you always did, but you earn "beautifications" as you play along. Now you will also be able to actually select the wings and frames you'd like to see on your name plate. New stuff will also be added.

3. Leaderboards and hall of fame

Leaderboards Reset Duration Notes
2.0 Champions No - Old all-time leaderboard
All-Time Champions No Always New all-time leaderboard, only #1 champions visible
Championship Competition Yes Monthly The winner of 4 weeks of competition: Champion
Weekly Competition Yes Weekly Normal score contest; final ranking converts to points similar to Formula 1
Total All-Time Weekly No Always Total sum of F1 points earned
Banished All-Time No Always See more in "new honor system"

It will now be more meaningful to become monthly champion. Also, players who came to the game later, will have an actual chance of achieving a high ranking.

Rewards will be given for Championship Competition and Weekle Competition.

All-Time champions will find a place in the new Hall of Fame, the place for the best captains ever.

4. Honor system

Version 2.0 has an honor and a fairness system. This will no longer be the case.

In 2.1 it's reduced to a pure honor system.

Honor Status:

MOST HONORABLE - less than 3% of the matches unfinished
HONORABLE - between 3% and 7% of the matches unfinished
DISHONORABLE - between 7% and 14% of the matches unfinished
VERY DISHONORABLE - 14%+ of the matches unfinished

Players will have to complete 100 matches before they are assigned their first honor ranking.

Players will be able to retreat from a match with honor. They will get a loss for it, but not an unfinished match. Players who retreated can no longer reconnect to a match.

Unfinished matches will be counted regardless of the cause. This is because we cannot see why a player left a match. If it's not a technical problem use the honorable retreat option. The game will me stricter now and the honor system comes into effect as soon as two players are paired.

If you face disconnects a lot, stop playing and contact us. We will try to find the cause for your problems.

Penalties for dishonorable players:

  • no medals can be earned; this means less score
  • chat will be locked
  • win streaks will not be counted

Penalties for very dishonorable players:

  • all of the dishonorable penalties
  • no pairing with other players, only with "very dishonorable" players
  • no participation in the leaderboards, instead they will compete on the "leaderboard of the banished"
  • once you've become "very dishonorable", your status can never be changed again


There will be some other things that will be updated and added, more on that later (if I find the time). 🙂

Let us know what you think of the changes. Good hunting!

Update 02-03-2021:

We have delayed the patch for a number of reasons.

1. We integrated a new version of our network engine, Photon. That was long overdue.
2. We want this update to be as good as possible. Due to the amount of changes made, we have to test htings thouroughly. Rushing out the patch would only lead to problems.
3. Personal things interferred, causing a delay.

Thanks for your understanding!

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The ocean is a harsh mistress

When is the update?

We plan with late February atm.

The ocean is a harsh mistress

Hola chicos, qué bonito espacio han creado 🙂 genial! Gracias por ello. En cuanto a los cambios, siempre están pensando en superar, eso me gusta. Un saludo y felicitaciones!

smuttlegiaco hat auf diesen Beitrag reagiert.

¡Gracias Lin! 🙂 Me alegro de que te gusten los foros de mensajes. Solo nos tomó 1 año configurarlos, jaja.

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The ocean is a harsh mistress

Ustedes son geniales 😉

I hope players have some sort of time penalty to discourage quitters from starting new games right away. If they even force quit and come back I'd like to see them forced to spectate their bot (likely) lose.

Well, quitting will result in an unfinished match, regardless of when a player quits. As soon as players are matched, the honor rules take effect. And the penalties will be much harder than before. If someone quits a lot, the player will sooner or later be unable to play with the fair players (once being "very dishonorable").

The ocean is a harsh mistress

no update available

We delayed it. Some private matters saw us spend less time on it than we wanted. Hope we'll make it by months end.

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The ocean is a harsh mistress
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